Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Are the two main problems with MAGA getting together against us? OP-ED

    The Sierra Sentinel has for years been terrified of the MAGA movement for Trump, with the Christian

right wing churches and the cops controlling our lives.

   Now we receive a notice from the Angels Camp Police that they are doing what they are calling a National Faith & Blue" day to form a closer relationship.

   Do the cops actually believe that all citizens are part of the Baptist church in Angels or that should be to be good people.

  Keeping religion and cops OUT of our lives is what people want, isn't it?  Keep religion out of our government!!  

   Next they will make it a law that regular folks MUST belong to the Baptist church to get help from the Angels cops! 

   Trump is out of office, yet his wacko supporters remain, attempting to control us!!! SCARY STUFF just before Halloween!!!


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