Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Congratulations to Supervisor Martin Huberty

    In the Calaveras County District 3 Supervisor race 2400 voted.

    The winner was Martin Huberty with 1384 or 56%.  Muetterties ended up with 1017 votes or 43%.

     We wish Martin a successful term and congratulate him for working so hard. He truly deserves the win.


Anonymous said...

We just hope he will truly focus even a small amount of time on the vacation rental problems especially in the Arnold area as opposed to encouraging even more short term rentals in an effort to bring in even more tourism. Not convinced about that yet.

Anonymous said...

Happy win, Martin. and thank you sierrasentinel for supporting him.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping he will bring back movie making; real movie making, to the county

Anonymous said...

Think he might try for an indian casino somewhere in our district?