Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Retailers will be forced to raise prices?

   After all the back and forth of Measure A's special sales tax, it appears to have passed. What does this mean for residents

and retailers in Calaveras?

   It means that residents will pay more for every taxable item in the county and that retailers will be forced to give that money to the Calaveras Fire district in Mokelumne Hill and Valley Springs.

  Will residents travel further out of the county to make purchases and avoid the tax?  That is a likely scenario, all because the lower end of the county refused to pay for their own fire service, unlike Ebbetts Pass.

  Sorry for the confusion over this issue. We believe the vote count is now final.


Anonymous said...

This money will go to PAYING money to the chiefs in that area. You just watch and see. will not improve fire protection.

Anonymous said...

Since 1985, two out of the three times my hwy 4 home has been evacuated due to fire; the fire came from the Moke hill area. Seems like they could use the help. I will continue to shop locally.

Anonymous said...

If they raise prices it will be strictly due to their greed which is rampant these days. The rationale now seems to be: "since the other business is raising their prices I will too, why not get in on the gouge".