Saturday, August 23, 2014

Calaveras Supervisors cost taxpayers over $500,000

The gorgeous Trinitas Golf Course, which
jealous neighbors caused to die and
Calaveras Supervisors made taxpayers
pick up the $500,000 check!!
   The wasted time of our staff, County Counsel, elected officials and assorted employees of the County of Calaveras has cost well over $500,000 in the Trinitas
Golf Course law suit.

   Over 5 years and endless amounts of money has been thrown into the trash, all because Calaveras Supervisors could not allow a golf course.  But we TAXPAYERS are made of money, right?

   What could have been a financial boon to the area, has been destroyed; we feel due to jealous, bitter neighbors and ignorant elected officials in Calaveras.


Anonymous said...

I don't know Sentinel, but it seems like it could be closer to a million.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the County should bring back all the former staff they secretly laid off or pushed out. That's how they claim they balanced the budget.

Anonymous said...

lol serves them right