Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Letter to the Editor: Sick of McClintock

   Dear Editor:

    I am a registered Republican in Calaveras County, who has tried to be patient with our Congressman, Tom McClintock.

   When I mention his do-nothing attitude and that he is the worst Congressman we've ever had to a Tea Party friend of mine, he says that's what he wants, anything to hurt the President.

   I remember thinking how terrible Mr. Lungren was; we got rid of him and now McClintock, who lives in southern California and keeps another home somewhere in the Elk Grove area, is worse.

   Yesterday I read an editorial that asked why some legislators are charged and made to answer for why they live in a different district, yet others are not.
   I have also read somewhere that Mrs. McClintock won't move because she likes Mr. Ami Bera as a Congressman. I don't know much about this, but have you EVER tried to deal with McClintock? It's hopeless and I'm sick of him!!

   S in Arnold


Anonymous said...

A letter of dislike from the progressive democrat bastion of Calaveras County, Callaway country - Arnold.

That's funny. Congressman McClintock helped me.

Anonymous said...

lol, and the Tea Party learns to write? He's trying to teach them, but its not easy to teach backwoods dodos to read and write. Thank you for telling us all that he DOES have one thing to his credit.