Thursday, August 28, 2014

Part 2: The Saga of Dusty Costa

    by Dustin Costa from federal prison in Colorado

    ....This would be a paradise compared to where I'd been.  But it was still prison,
and I was still a prisoner. The government owns me.

    To be in prison is to be banished from society in every meaningful way, and sent to a social setting where with its own set of unique and often perverse rules.

   I don't know that I can paint a good picture of what that is like.  But if you can, try and imagine
prison as a briar patch occupied by ghosts.

   The wraiths here were forcefully removed from their homes, and can only watch through the brambles as their lives on the outside disintegrate.

   In some ways this life resembles life in the free world, but even the slightest misstep here risks painful results.

   In here, there's no protection from the thorns as you try and learn the language of incarceration.


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