Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Rest in Peace" Darren Spellman

   We thought it hilarious that ex-Supervisor and short-timer Darren Spellman continues to try and drag down the Calaveras Unified School District, who laid him off a few years ago.

   He and most likely one-term Calaveras Unified School District Board member Gustufson, are sending a ridiculous "hit piece" around about the district possibly closing some low attendance schools.

   Spellman has about 4 months left before his tenure dies as probably the WORST Supervisor in District 5 history. So "REST  IN  PEACE"  Darren Spellman.

    We have asked other CUSD board of trustee members for their take on the issue and will publish
the comments they give.


Anonymous said...

I'll 2nd that motion.

Anonymous said...

Has he found a job yet. I hear WalMart is hiring!

Anonymous said...

Spellman is far more entertaining than Cliff Edson.

Anonymous said...

Is it funny that the CCUSD board financially ran the district into the ground?