Sunday, August 10, 2014

NASCAR racer Tony Stewart flips and then stikes and kills driver

   What was seen by Kevin Ward as an intentional flipping of his race car by Tony Stewart turned into much worse last night. One race car swerved to miss Ward who walked out onto the track.

   Ward, angry at Stewart for causing him to crash, walked in front of Stewarts race car waving his hands at him.  Stewart did not seem to make any attempt to avoid Ward, hit and killed him. An investigation is being run by the local Sheriff.

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Anonymous said...

What an awful accident. But I must correct one thing you wrote.
The kid got out of his car while others are zipping by and he decided to go one on one with a sprint, dirt car, to make a point to Stewart.
Stewart had no where to go as the kid lunged in front of his car.
Kid should had done what you're suppose to do. Wait until the yellow has slowed the WHOLE field, and the wreckers arrive, you get out. Then take your fight to the infield or pits.