Sunday, May 3, 2020

BIG thank you owed to those with great courage

   There have been a lot of well-deserved thank you's going out to nurses and doctors, cops
and firemen, EMS providers and others taking care of COVID-19 victims.

   Recently we see that janitors, security guards and even grocery store workers deserve the same thanks; they take big chances at work right now.

   But we feel that some have been missed;  those who for the past 3 1/2 years have stood up to Trump and the raging racists, the KKK, the dirty racist cops and evil alcoholic POSTALS.

   There are some who have had the courage to write and speak up against those mental cases who are not being treated, who fly confederate flags, kiss Trump's behind and threaten those who use that courage to make our country a better place.

   Watching the crazies in Michigan who even bring guns to their sick protests, makes you feel that even the American flag is no longer a sign of true patriotism, but a sign of MAGA's Make American White Again!

  Now, that is SAD!!!  Thank you again to those truly courageous and level headed Americans!! It will help to take our country back from the hate and raging racists!

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