Monday, May 11, 2020

Louis DeJoy new Postmaster General

UPDATE:  After disassembling parts of the post office to help Trump in his election, DeJoy was called before Congress for questioning.   
Trump has appointed a large GOP donor, Louis DeJoy to the office of the Postmaster General.

  Hopefully, this will create good changes within the USPS.

   The Union is partially to blame for the incompetence, constantly demanding more and bigger retirements.  Most of the hardest workers are contract employees.

   Will he put the post office out to bid like he should, giving UPS or FEDEX the opportunity to take over.


Slann said...

LaJoy was appointed to slow down and disrupt the mail delivery. Look what he's done in MI!
He mandated NO overtime, and turned off many of the automatic sorting machines. His instructions were to delay and disrupt the USPS to foul up the general election in November.
The cheater in the WH cannot stand a fair election. VOTE!

Anonymous said...

I know LeJoy does not know or care how ignorant he looks now trying to stop the post office. It will take more than his actions to get Trump re-elected. The people will fight for the post office, and maybe Congress will jump in to help also.

Anonymous said...

Another MORON