Sunday, August 9, 2020

Trump's executive order worthless??

   This morning on CNN Dana Bash interviewed Larry Kudlow regarding the Executive Order Trump signed yesterday in front of a crowd of 25 members at his golf club.

  Kudlow was at his worst trying to answer why NONE of the order was what Trump said it was. It was just another worthless gimmick to try and save his re-election.


Anonymous said...

Yes, of course - he is only trying to get votes - wants people "think" he is "trying" to do something great for them for them because he cares so much about them they will want to vote for him, and then he'll blame the democrats for not allowing him to "give" the people something!! So crystal clear to see what he is doing. Always smoke and mirrors.

Anonymous said...

According to CNN, he also wants to be added to the Mount Rushmore monument and asked about it during the July 4 event he attended there - we knew without a doubt that was coming.