Friday, August 7, 2020

Who is so stupid to give their money to the NRA???

   We have always wondered who are the people so stupid as to give their hard-earned
money away to the National Rifle Association.

   Their entire purpose in life to to help the gun manufacturers make money by selling more guns to people who are so afraid of life they think that guns will help make them more manly.

   Now that the NY Attorney General has filed a 150 page suit alleging the NRA has misused its funds to glorify and make rich LaPierre and a few other top officials, Trump says they should move to Texas.

   The AG also demands that, just like the Trump charity, it must dissolve completely.

   Have you mistakenly given money to make LaPierre and his family rich beyond words?  Isn't it time you spent that money on your family instead?

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