Thursday, September 2, 2021

Finally--2020 Census data for Calaveras--and let the battle begin!!

    We just received the 2020 Census population data for Calaveras County

by district.

   The "target" for each district is 9058 and all need to be adjusted to reach that goal.

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    District 1 now has 9466 people and is 4.5% over the target.  District 2 has only 7407 and is 18.2% below the target.  District 3 is 8879 and is 2% below the target.  District 4 is 10015, 10.6% above the target and District 5 is 9525, 5.2% above the target.

   The public gets a chance to attempt to GERRYMANDER the districts the way they want, but the 5 Supervisors get to make the final decision.  

   Their goal, of course, will be to make sure they get re-elected and therefore only gain or lose areas that benefit that purpose.

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