Thursday, January 13, 2022

Ready for next District 3 race?

    After the bizarre Supervisor who spent one term before being thrown out of office, no one in

District 3 ever wants anything like Olivera to happen again, do we, residents?

   Lisa Muetterties misses the power she had as Oliveira's Planning Director and now thinks she can beat Supervisor Callaway.

  Wasn't she Oliveira's right hand girl, part of the gun kooks, Trumpers and environment haters of Ebbetts Pass?

   Wasn't she part of this bunch of wackos who never returned calls from constituents, only cared about shooting things and supported the racist element like Mike Preston (OMG)?

   Like President Biden says, you either support Martin Luther King or you support racist George Wallace!!!!! 

   NEVER AGAIN do we want an Oliveira, do we?  If Callaway runs again, no one can beat her. If she chooses not to run for another term, it could get scary!

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