Friday, January 14, 2022


    We here at the have a very important question to ask; Why is an extremist

right wing resident of District 3 representing the area on the COG?

    Yes, Tim Meutterties, a right wing extremist who was part of the Oliveira bunch of kooks, has been re-appointed to represent Supervisor Callaways District?  

   At the center of the appears to be the right wing Supervisor Tofanelli, who can never be trusted and should not be a Supervisor at all. 

    He winces and bends over for a bunch of right wing wack jobs in Valley Springs who threaten to recall him every time he considers voting for anything sensible that they don't like!!

   Meutterties, who is a short realtor in Arnold (needs a booster seat), is trying to help his extremist wife win the Supervisor job that Callaway holds.

    It is scary that this type of people can get into any political positions in Calaveras. Something needs to be done about Meutterties!!!!



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