Wednesday, January 12, 2022

To editor:

   Dear Editor:

    You know, people who try to tell us that pretending everything is okay in the U.S., and that the

racists Trumpers will go away, are very WRONG!

   President Biden yesterday said that we all have a choice, to be followers of President Lincoln or of Confederate Jefferson Davis; to follow Martin Luther King or the racist George Wallace.

   Trumpers ARE racists!  We ARE in the midst of a Civil War with the racists!  We can't just sit by and hope for the best. We must FIGHT!!!

   Are you IN or OUT?   Think about it!  Thank you for listening.

   Thinker in Ebbetts Pass  


Anonymous said...

I guess I'm a confederate, and am proud of it. things were better back then.

Anonymous said...

I think you must be ill!

Anonymous said...

Getting so sick of the racist nuts in our country.