Thursday, April 21, 2022

Let's Face Facts!!

    We voters have a simple choice in June (NOT in NOVEMBER)!

   We either vote back in the

two who totally screwed up and wasted our tax dollars on a worthless bridge on Blagen Road (the Moose Lodge) or NOT!


 Huberty's opponent is one of the two main people responsible for that fiasco, along with others during the 4 long years they were in power.

   Martin Huberty would have done what Callaway did once she was back in office;  Put in the correct bridge, the safe bridge and by the company who offered to do it in the first place!

   Do we really want incompetence BACK?  I don't think so!  The failures, along with a nasty temper shown at the candidates night, assures us NO!

   We are supporting Martin Huberty for our next Supervisor of District 3!!  

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Anonymous said...

his opponent is also an extremist right wing gun freak too. did you know that?