Friday, April 1, 2022

One separate question for Muetterties....

    Just like we had one separate question for Martin Huberty, we had one for Muetterties:

    Q:  Is it true that you were the

Who is the REAL realtor named Muetterties? Is it the blond, the
brunette or the pure white haired woman? 

one responsible for the horrid mess Oliveira made of the Blagen bridge and were you also responsible for his failure as a Supervisor and inability to be re-elected?  Are you happy that Callaway was able to quickly replace the dangerous one with the wonderful new bridge at that location?

   Unfortunately, Muetterties lack of communication skills and refusal to even discuss things with anyone other than her small circle of clown supporters, makes it impossible for most voters to support her.


Anonymous said...

Who took this one? She looks so surprised with kind of a phony smile.

Anonymous said...

Looks like two questions in your post to me.