Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Muetterties claims to be NON-PARTISAN????

    Was there a bizarre interview with her well-known friend and fellow admitted right winger

John Hamilton, where Lisa Muetterties (candidate for District 3 Supervisor) claimed she is a NON-PARTISAN candidate?

   Did she deny changing her voter registration from Republican to independent so she could run for office without the voters knowing she is a right wing extremist gun freak?

   Shockingly, did she even had the B**** to claim to be some sort of environmentalist in the interview and stated that she would fairly represent EVERYONE??

   Did she then admit to explaining to her base Trump supporters (whom she claims are angry) that this is all necessary to get elected; that she can, some tell us, get Callaway voters to support her by claiming to be "NORMAL"? LOL, LOL!!!

   Does anyone who knows this Trumper, believe anything she says about denying to be an extremist? 

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