Friday, August 5, 2022

Alpine County residents sue USFS

     The Tamarack Fire last year was allowed to spread by the USFS until it grew very large.

   The residents, who lost their homes, are now suing the USFS for negligence. The $85 million must be paid withing 6 months or it goes to court.


Anonymous said...

Hope they get every cent!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I hope the tax payers (you and me) have to pay every cent. Teach these hard working men and women of the Forest Service to continue a campaign of suppression so the only fires we have are so large they destroy the entire state. Kick that can down the road to screw future generations for the sake of today as the generations before us have done. The only difference is they thought they were doing good; we know better. Ask any, I mean ANY fire fighter and scientist if fire is necessary in the Sierra Nevada.