Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Lake Tahoe killing leads to more horror

    Two and a half years ago, someone allegedly broke into the Tahoe lakefront home of 
70 year old Robert Spohr and his wife Wendy.

   In a hail of bullets, Robert Spohr was killed and his wife seriously wounded.  The son-in-law, husband of their daughter Erin, has now been arrested, along with his girlfriend.

  Two years of investigation after the murder, Wendy took her own life, after suffering from depression and anxiety over losing her husband and her horrific wounds.

   Danny Serafini, a former major league pitcher, and his girlfriend Samantha Scott, have now been arrested. The two will be extradited from Nevada and arraigned in Placer County for the alleged crime. 

The Spohr family offered a 6 digit reward for information on the killing.  It hasn't been clear whether the authorities believe Serafini killed them himself or if he hired someone.

   Is it possible the murder was financially motivated?  If Serafini's wife Erin divorced him before her parent died, he would be unlikely to receive any of the inheritance.  

   Apparently Serafini also owned a bar in Sparks, Nevada called the Bullpen, which was featured on the TV show 'Bar Rescue' several years ago.

   The host of that show reportedly said that Serafini has lost his $14 million fortune through bad investments and a bitter divorce. 

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