Saturday, April 6, 2024

OP-ED: Trumps' cult practices HELTER SKELTER? Manson wannabees?

    If you dare to do anything against, even speaking about the extremist

Trump Cultists, you can be in trouble.

   It is known to us that certain racist gun fanatics used "Helter Skelter" (randomized frenzy of violence) techniques to threaten and harm those who have the nerve to challenge their idiocy.

   "Helter Skelter" practiced by Trump cultists is not, however, random. They choose their victims carefully and for their own reasons.  

   Mental illness, alcoholism and brainwashing  has led to a faction of Trumpists wanting to be Charles Mansons in order to put fear into the lives of regular people!  

  Stay away from them once you get a hint of their lunatic thinking and violence.   They enjoy their sick minds.

   They kill animals, damage property, make threats of horrible violence against women and laugh the entire time while they may have sex with a dirty cop and his wife. 


Anonymous said...

I understand that part of his helter skelter thing is to rule over the black race. is that true?

Anonymous said...

This is good. Everything he does is helter skelter, constant chaos.

Anonymous said...

A detriment to society on a daily basis.