Monday, August 17, 2015

Calaveras Planning Director Maurer responds:

   Over the weekend, we sent Calaveras Planning Director Peter Maurer an email with questions about recent events.

   First, we stated, "Since now you say you are communicating well, we want to thank you for sending notices, even tho we have to search for what is new."

   Mr. Maurer's response:  "We are still working to improve our web page and make it easier to identify what changes have been made.  The next update we send out will include a statement describing what is new."

   Then we asked, "Do you now admit that Kearney came to you and asked you to "streamline' the process for the asphalt plant, since Kearney admitted it?  Will you do this for us when we bring you a project?"

   Mr. Maurer's response: " The Board of Supervisors established a policy some years ago to prioritize projects that would generate jobs and tax revenue.  Mr. Kearney stated in his e-mail to me the following:
    'In the past BOS's asked any projects with potential local employment be handled with priority, this project should be handled in the same manner.'

    I would handle a project for anyone else in the same manner."

   Then we asked, "On a different subject, I'm very disappointed that you have hired the most extremist anti-growth group in the northern California area, CAP, to control and literally write the GP.  Now Mr. Infusino is even complaining if the Planning Commission changes one word of his despicable and specific (not GENERAL) rules to prevent any growth in the county.  Bias, corruption, what next  in this  GP, not to mention millions of dollars down the toilet."

   Mr. Maurer's response: "I have not hired CAP or any other organization to write the general plan.  The County has three contracts related to the GP update:  Augustine Planning Associates is helping me prepare the draft plan; Raney and Associates will be preparing the EIR; and the law firm of Remy, Moose, Manley to assist County Counsel on issues associated with the GP." 

   CAP, Calaveras County Taxpayers Association, CSERC, Calaveras Republican Party and many other interest groups have participated in providing input into the GP update and have the right to speak to their elected officials on issues that concern them.  The decisions on what the plan says will ultimately be up to the Board of Supervisors after input by the Planning Commission.

   Then we stated:  "We want the right to have you write things that the other side sees, the people who work and want clean jobs (NOT ASPHALT) in Calaveras.  Will you allow them to write the General Plan. Specifically, the Housing Element is the worst I have ever seen. And you allowed this. Why??? "

   We got no response to this last statement.  In Maurer's list is the Tea Party Republicans, as everyone heard at the last meeting, who have NO clue about real business, clean jobs.

   This just brings more questions, since we are aware that the Calaveras Builders Association tried to get a seat at the table at were DENIED!!   In our opinion, Augustine and Associates is the worst company, as we watched them destroy the Angels Camp General Plan. That is our opinion and of course you don't listen because you want no growth too. Isn't that true, Mr. Maurer?

   We are also aware that a wonderful, clean and positive tax increasing project on Pool Station Road, of three custom homes, was squashed by a District 1 Supervisor, known as Mr. Edsel, against all home building. Of course, as Joseph Kelly repeatedly states, this is the "Unrepresented area of District 1."


Anonymous said...

good article. shows it was Kearney all along. not maurer's idea. we have to get rid of him. no trust there.

Anonymous said...

At least Maurer admitted it. That must be why no environmental reports surfaced until after it was made public.

Anonymous said...

The part about Edsel, or Edson, is unreal. He's the one that was supposed to be backing good local jobs. Seems he's a liar, too. Luv the "unrepresented area of District 1".

Les Martin (skidmark) said...

In regard to the first post at 0830 it seems like the rantings of a sore loser. One who doesn't have the cajoles to list their name.
It's not Kearney but the dufus who made the statement that a AC plant is the same as a cement(concrete) plant.

Anonymous said...

Gee, wonder what Kearney does to get even for negative comments about him, skidmark?

Les Martin (skidmark) said...

Beats me.