Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Have you got good KARMA?

   In case you haven't noticed, Walt Gray is now the News 10 anchor for the hour and a half morning news show beginning at 4:30 AM weekdays.

   This morning they did a special report on the Honesty Tea tests being done around the country. In Sacramento 95% of the people paid their dollar for the bottle of tea they took.

   When asked, Walt said that he would always pay because it is bad KARMA to steal; that something bad will happen to you to pay you back for bad deeds.

   We totally agree with Walt, who we consider the most esteemed anchor in the entire area. He has even been suggested for a star in the new Sacramento Walk of Fame.

   If you steal, or do any bad things, you will be punished in some way; so only be honest, never steal or do bad things where you work or you will suffer. Thank you Walt, for the good advice.

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