Sunday, August 2, 2015

Who's worse? The dirty cops, or the cops who cover for them?

   In the recent arrest and alleged charges of murder in the cop who shot a black man and then wrote up a false report, we have questions.  The only evidence was a body camera or two. 

   Which is worse, the dirty cop who breaks the law; beats or even kills a minority and writes up a false report; or the cops that back up his lies. They are all DIRTY!!

   In Calaveras County we have seen both.  We are always shocked at any police officer or other law enforcement person who would in any way back up, defend or even lie for a dirty cop.  How many do you know?  Can you name them?

   Whether you are a woman or a minority of color, if you have any encounter with a cop, FILM it!  Believe us, we know that cops lie, make up what they want, say their tape recorder didn't work; its hard to tell the criminals from the cops in many cases.

  We know several in Calaveras personally, who lie, including Sheriff Kuntz, who told the District Attorney he "doesn't remember " the email from his friend Michael Preston, admitting to the threat Kuntz had told us he made/

   If Kuntz is the example, what must the rest of the deputies be like?  And he wonders why we won't support him. He needs to resign!

   Up until Kuntz started telling filthy lies, not to mention his drinking even more heavily, we supported him. When we saw the truth about his corruption and lies, we stopped.  Would he even send out a close friend deputy to write up another lie to cover for him? We do believe so.  Corruption runs rampant in our county law enforcement, and we have seen it personally.

   Last year, the Grand Jury in Calaveras was asked to investigate the corruption at the Sheriff's Office and District Attorney's Office.  Then we heard that the foreman was a former girlfriend of his.

   The Grand Jury system in Calaveras is also a corrupt system. The whole county is full of party line covers, who will do anything to protect their criminal officials.  When will it change?

   Is the Sheriff of Calaveras County drunk more than he is sober? (even on the job?)  Is the corruption within the Sheriff's Office overflowed into the DA's office. What is the tie there? A certain deputy married to the DA? hmmmm

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