Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Postal PTSD cases extremely high number

   A few months ago we began a study on how many postal workers are actually PTSD cases--some even allowed to work. It's actually very sad, as we feel they should be on disability!

   After researching the reason as the Postal Service many years ago promised to hire nearly any returning service member into their union (APWU), we easily learned the cause of the problem.  Officially, they say they are not allowed to give out this information.

   However, because of the high numbers of PTSD ex-military, the USPS has now stopped hiring them, and in fact hires only on a contract basis.  Why?

   We contacted employees at many Post Office locations around Northern California and were told that nearly half of their current and recently retired employees were and/or are PTSD--mentally ill.

    We are told that special arrangements have to be made for those who are capable of working due to mental problems and that it affects other healthy employees in a very negative way.

   As our readers are aware, the owner of the experienced the wrath of a couple of these mentally ill individuals after being forced to write a formal complaint against one and then writing that the Postal Service should be turned over to a private company.

   There is no limit to what these mentally ill PTSD people will do to try and get even and thank goodness the Postal Service is stopping the hiring of them.

     One even, according to a witness, carries a gun concealed everywhere he goes.  The other one was fortunately, run out of the county, we heard by his now ex-wife.

   The unfortunate thing is that the Postal Service (actually us, the consumers) have to pay their retirement and benefits for the rest of their lives.


Anonymous said...

I remember the ads from the PO that they are so proud to hire vets.

Anonymous said...

I remember that well. Doesn't one really scary one live near you?

Anonymous said...

Many are fairly harmless drunks, tho.