Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lots of complaints about unplowed roadways

   In the past few days we have  heard many, many complaints about the roadways being either not plowed enough or improperly plowed in the snow country of Ebbetts Pass.

   Apparently lots of calls have gone into the Supervisor Oliveira phone message service and have not even been answered.  Where is the Supervisor? Oh, in Danville, where he really lives??


Anonymous said...

Count me among those very dissatisfied with the plowing. I live near Pine Brook and several of the roads going downhill are now sheet ice. This is the worst plowing I've seen and it wasn't even a big snow.

Anonymous said...

Oliveira is a loser. And he's not even here most of the time. He is the most divisive elected person I ever saw. People hate him.f then the talk is his wife is running things along with that preston and McManus guys.

Anonymous said...

Try Meadwomont, especially at the top, i'll never vote for that guy again.