Saturday, June 8, 2019

California has 58 elected Sheriff's who believe they are GODS???

    Due to the trouble in Sacramento County with Sheriff Scott Jones not wanting any oversight of his department, the State is introducing a new law to make it possible for
County Supervisors to create their own oversight of the elected Sheriff.

   Many of the 58 elected Sheriff's think they can run the county like they are GODS, according to many reports, and Calaveras County is one of those, in our opinion.  DiBasilio only arrests and charges those who do NOT support him. He loves RACISTS, (they ran his campaign) and is biased against any women making complaints.

   Even a filthy dirty fired cop and a known racist who threatened President Obama in public are allowed to run freely and hurt anyone they wish.  DiBasilio is BAD NEWS!!!!!  Hopefully our Supervisors will listen and do something to protect Calaveras County citizens from the worst of the worst, the dirty cops and violent racists!

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