Saturday, June 8, 2019

Don't let PG&E decimate your land!! Just say NO!!!

   Fortunately, we have a Supervisor in District 3 who listens to her constituents and has already met with PG&E
regarding their mutilation of our properties.

   Per Supervisor Callaway, we DO have a right to say NO to those PG&E idiots who just want to destroy everything, instead of paying for burying their hot lines.

   Thank you Ms. Callaway!!!


Anonymous said...

Most of us will say no, until PGE says we will be liable if there is a fire if we do not comply. That will be next, I am positive. Then what???

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, someone will just say no to the power outages!! What the heck are we supposed to do without power for one to possibly 5 days! Is PG&E completely nuts? There's a lot of people who are all electric and that means no water too.

Anonymous said...

PGE is not taking down any of my trees.