Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Callaway needs to listen: Toffanelli cannot be TRUSTED!!

   Many have warned Supervisor Callaway that Supervisor Toffanelli cannot be trusted to vote for
anything except his religious zealot crowd.

    A qualified candidate applied to be Planning Commissioner in District 1; Sharon Romano. The wacked out religious nut who applied and was supported by the anti-cannabis, and LGBT haters.

  Toffanelli chose the religious nut out of fear of yet another recall!!   Callaway and Garamendi voted NO and Toffanelli, Mills and STOPPER voted YES!

   Although Callaway stated she tried to meet with Toffanelli and Trent Fiorino, it was no use. His mind was made up to protect his agenda! He cannot be trusted. 


Anonymous said...

I say toffy can't be trusted to do what is right for his county. But what about Stopper. I hear he's a mommie's boy who voted for the church nut because they agree with the anti-gay hate messages. so sad

Anonymous said...

I think at this point she believes it. Stopper is just a fence sitter. Wondering if he even gets re-elected.

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid people running our County.

Anonymous said...

really poor choice and what a message they created with a prejudiced fake paster. Speed demon