Saturday, June 29, 2019

Tryon and Angels Gun Club still fighting

   The lawsuit between Tom Tryon and the Angels Gun Club is continuing and is now being heard by Calaveras Supervisors.

   The land had been donated by Tryon's father many years ago, but he had apparently retained right of access to the land.  The gun club locked the gate, blocking him from the area.

   Tryon has complained about the noise now coming from the gun club and it is believed that a subdivision is planned nearby.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't the county have a noise ordinance?

Anonymous said...

Yes the county has a noise ordnance. The gun club strictly follow them. Tom wishes to develop his land and he believed gun club will hurt his efforts so he’s trying get it shut down.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, wasn't there an issue concerning shooting ranges and lead contamination and this included Tryon's own private shooting range. Did Tryon and Merita forget?

Anonymous said...

I think you better check your facts Senntinel.......Gun Club bought the property years ago. He only retained grazing rights which he has not cattle anymore. The cattle that are on it are NOT his. That is considered subleasing. ALSO, on a fact, the shooting range has priority over anything Tryon retains on the ground. The documents are at the county, go look it up before you keep posting fake news.