Friday, November 1, 2019

Angels Camp Mayor Folendorf files for District 4 Supervisor

   As much as Angels Camp needs their Mayor Amanda Folendorf, who has proven to be an excellent City
Councilperson and Mayor, she is being called.

   Folendorf is badly needed and has filed to run against the wierdo Dennis Mills in 2020.  She will do an excellent job, we believe.

   Mills is the instigator and troublemaker behind all of the harrassments of Supervisors Garamendi and Stopper, not to mention the anti-cannabis nuts and he must be CUT OFF at the Trump-Cult-Pass!!

   Thank you Amanda Folendorf.  The Sierra Sentinel will support you!


Anonymous said...

Yes! Dennis is such a creep.

Anonymous said...

She will have my vote and all my neigbors love her attitude and drive to do well for the constituants of district 4. Mills has hi stail between his legs already. By By Mills and good ridence

Anonymous said...

All young people register to vote and just mail in your vote for this woman who will work hard for our district