Monday, November 11, 2019

Extortion--Quid Pro Quo

   Whether you call it EXTORTION or the latin quid pro quo, the result is the same; a violation of the law.

   Trying to get something through threats, bribery or involving money is common among the right
wing wackos, we have found.

   The Sierra Sentinel has been a victim of these violent people and their threats, violence and other crimes, to extort the Sentinel into NOT writing the TRUTH about them, their crazy gun behavior, acts of racism and mentally ill wives sent to steal and violate laws.

   The permission for these criminal acts comes straight from the top; Trump tells them through his own actions that this is permissible behavior.  These nut cases will do anything to try and get their way.

   It will not work with the Sierra Sentinel. They can go ahead and murder us and the articles about them will continue. We will continue publishing info on DIRTY COPS, racists and their violent female leaders.

   They should all be locked up and the keys thrown away, especially the female leaders of the Blue Tarp Gang and KKK locally.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, extortion, nothing less!!