Friday, March 6, 2020

3500 people take a Princess Cruise

   This is the story of 3500 Americans who left San Francisco on a Princess Cruise ship and are now being held off the shore
of California.

    Because of  the Corona virus, cruise ships are suspect for bringing the virus into the US, and the people could be taken to a military base and be held in quarantine for two weeks.

   Today, the military dropped 45 virus tests onto the ship. Out of the 45 tested, 21 tested positive, 19 of the crew members.

   No one knows why only 45 of the 3500 were tested, or what happens now, except that Trump says he does not want them allowed into the country.

   Trump says that they must stay on the ship because if they land, those with the virus would be counted AGAINST him.

   One cruiser has invited Trump to come have dinner with them.  They are all confined to their cabins and don't understand what is going on.

   Now Trump says he will dock the ship at a non-commercial dock, but not allow them off the ship until they are tested and spend two weeks in quarantine.

   Trump then left the CDC headquarters, wearing one of his stupid MAGA hats and a golf shirt, headed for Florida.

  Out of all the passengers on the last cruise ship held up, 400 people developed the virus, because apparently ships are places where viruses are easily spread.

   But Trump won't miss his golf game!!!

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