Thursday, March 12, 2020

Thank you, Angels Camp Police Department

   The Sierra Sentinel wants to thank the Angels Camp Police Department
for keeping us and the public up to date on the Corona Virus situation in Calaveras County.

   The Calaveras Sheriff is following the Trump example of apparently making light of the problem. The number to call in the county if you have symptoms of the Virus is 800.754-8889, which the ACPD made public.


Anonymous said...

I just called the phone number above, our Public Health Department, and they said NOT to call them first, but to call your primary doctor/provider if you feel symptomatic, who will then arrange the testing.

Anonymous said...

And what if you don't have a primary doctor????? You just die???

Anonymous said...

No, you CALL Adventist Health Prompt care in Angels (or other urgent care center), tell them your symptoms and that you are coming, they will come out to your car and do the testing there so you don't go inside - this is per Adventist Health website. Or, you call an ER and tell them the same thing so that you don't go inside unless they tell you to do so.