Thursday, March 12, 2020

Marriage Licenses in Calaveras County

  In February of 2020 the following received marriage licenses:

   Roberto Santino Signorello, Jr and
Sarah Corley on February 3, 2020

   Catherine Nicole Poor and Dennis Arthur Walker on February 5, 2020

   Ryan Joseph Schwinghammer and Ashley Nicole Tognotti on February 13, 2020

   Sidney Jean Clark and Stephen Marcelus Clemens on February 14, 2020

   Joshua Ray Rowland and Briana Jane Yelton on February 18, 2020

   Taylor Anne Warden and Beau Archer Pearson on February 19, 2020

   Stephen Gray Mitchell and Amber Dea Nolan on February 24, 2020

   Kurt Allen Williams and Julie Ann Barlow on February 25, 2020

   George Shane Liptrap and Sarah Cunningham on February 25, 2020

   Dylan Marc Bota and Heather Patrice Bayless on February 27, 2020

   Angelo Ryan Phillips and Lera Ilyenko on February 28, 2020

   Jerry Lee Meeks, Jr. and Kassandra Lynn Domingo on February 28, 2020



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