Friday, March 20, 2020

Groceries scarcer

   If you've been to the grocery store in the last couple of days, you know certain
products are becoming hard to get.

   This morning, we hear that the bread aisle at Big Trees Market is empty. We already knew that there is no toilet paper.

   A store clerk mentioned that she feels more and more items will become scarcer as days go by. 

  Now, that's SCARY!!!


Anonymous said...

Well things could be better if people didn't panic buy. The delivery is having a hard time keeping up with the rush. Don't encourage panic with your statements. Just makes it worse. There is enough food. Delivery will have to catch up, which it will. Be patient!

Anonymous said...

If people would stop hoarding there would be plenty. They are getting constant supply trucks in - it is people hoarding that has got to stop!! STOP!!

Anonymous said...

STOP hoarding!! This is a demand issue - NOT a supply issue!

Anonymous said...

Went to Big Trees market this morning and the shelves were fairly well stocked. plenty of eggs etc unlike savemart in angels camp

Anonymous said...

Yesterday there were no eggs and the clerk was mean at the store i went to.