Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Folendorf beats Mills in District 4

   As expected, Amanda Folendorf, who had been a very successful Mayor in Angels Camp,
has apparently defeated the incumbent Dennis Mills for Supervisor of District 4.

   Calaveras County has been enduring the unbelievable craziness of Mills for the last 4 years and we have to congratulate the voters for eliminating him for good!

   Congratulations, also, to Supervisor Folendorf!!


Anonymous said...

Dont let doorknob hit you on your way out. Piece of trash Mills

Anonymous said...

It must have been the free hot dogs!

Anonymous said...

Mills sucks Cox

Anonymous said...

Who is Mills? Just dust in the wind... filling out an application with Cox to write a follow up to silent poison. Those who LIE mislead obfuscate cheat all get it in the end.. bye bye loser. Hello Amanda! Calaveras is proud!