Thursday, January 7, 2021

Professor Eddie Glaude says "Stop coddling them!" OP-ED

    On Morning Joe today, Professor Eddie Glaude stated the real truth behind the Trump

cult; RACISM!

    He said every one of the rioters yesterday, including the inciters (Trump, Trump Jr. and Guiliani) should be arrested and prosecuted immediately.

   He feels that until we stop coddling the White Supremacists, the country will continue to be drug downhill, into civil war.

    Because these people are our co-workers, neighbors and even family members, we tend to accept their racism, afraid of the discomfort.  Until they are prosecuted for their crimes, nothing will change, according to Glaude.

   We agree! Stop CODDLING the racists!! Make them unacceptable in normal company!  


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