Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Letter to the Editor--SPI gets millions?

    Dear Editor:

    I am so mad I could bust. I read online that Calfire gave SPI $3 million to grow baby trees.

    Since I believe this company is not only responsible for clear cutting millions of trees, but for the dry hot summers and our fires, this infuriates me.

   Is Calfire that corrupt?   What does everyone else think? 

    J in Arnold


Anonymous said...

I don't like anything spi does...

Anonymous said...

They have been called heroes for clearing, you know, for fire purposes. Now will be doing more clearcutting, but transplanting? I thought the clearing was to keep it treeless for fire danger. Sounds more like clearcut best trees out, then replant to cut later. Nothing to do with fire suppression, just profits. When SPI moved in, the beautiful forests were taken out.