Saturday, October 21, 2023

California Rangeland Trust gets WHAT???

    On October 10, 2023 item 12 on the Consent Agenda of the Calaveras Supervisors was to approve an additional

$47,000 to Rangeland Trust for planting they apparently are handling as part of the Wagon Trail Project in Copperopolis.

   We had emailed all board members a question about what the initial $600,000+ plus money paid them in 2022 was approved for.

   Supervisor Garamendi only emailed us back that the money, the $47,000 was for the Wagon Trail Project and seemed angry that I mentioned his family had land in California Rangeland Trust in order to avoid taxes apparently.

   The item was pulled from the agenda and when Supervisor Tofanelli spoke, he wanted to know why we paid the Trust an upfront amount without a contractors itemized estimate.  He said he wished, as a contractor that he could "get that kind of money upfront without any work being done".

   None of the work was done in 2022 and is reportedly being done now.  Why did this happen?  Was it this Board who originally approved the $600,000+ amount?

   The Board then went on to approve the additional money, regardless of the legality of the entire situation.  On line it says the County has paid California Rangeland Trust over $900,000 already. What was this for? 

  Is this Board of Supervisors lacking the intelligence and foresight to protect residents from this type of contractor and non-profit abuse. We don't feel this should have been approved, and should be investigated.

  Public works said that because California Rangeland Trust is a non-profit they don't know how to apply for contract and just get the money upfront, then look for a contractor to do the work. HUH??


Anonymous said...

What? I want a contract like that too! I have to estimate and write up a bid and then get approval, may not get money at all till at least some work is done? Maybe these supes are not qualified.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this. I want my land to save money and not be charged inheritance fees. Is that was Califo. rangeland does?

Anonymous said...

I thought caltrans did the planting along higwas