Friday, January 26, 2024

Calaveras Supervisors play games with our money??

    If there is one thing taxpayers hate most about our Calaveras Supervisors its the games

they play with our money.

   Item 16 on the January 23, 2024 meeting was to give Dewberry Engineering more money for the Wagon Trail, which is already over budget.

   While the Native tribes spoke that Dewberry is trying to cut their wages to meet the contracted budget, the Supervisors nearly all spoke against the fact that they already have been given more than the contracted amount.

   After the Supervisors spoke against the amendment, they quietly moved and approved to pay Dewberry what they asked for.  If they didn't it was apparently possible the native tribe would pull out of the agreement, blocking construction.

   Garamendi and Stopper were apparently the only two who voted against the $379,925 additional money. The cost is due to artifacts and burial sites within the construction area that must be monitored by law.

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