Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Sales TAX increase??? NO! NO! NO! NO on Measure A!!

   We looked up Calaveras LFP Committee online and read that they are claiming all fire

departments are underfunded in Calaveras County.

   We called Chief Mike Johnson at Ebbetts Pass Fire to ask if that is true; if they are underfunded.

   He said absolutely not, that they are totally solvent.  Interestingly, however, their BOARD of DIRECTORS are supporting this new sales tax.



Anonymous said...

Evidently, fortunately, it would not be a county General Fund revenue so all revenue from Measure A would be used only for fire departments. A little would go for administrative work to process the funds.

Anonymous said...

No control. Taxing us more and more with no end? I hear this is just for Calaveras Fire District. Is that true? I read that they don't want to pay. Is that true?

Anonymous said...

You realize what this means. 1% now and then next year 2 and on and on and on. i don't need more taxes. This is garbage!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you read in the E that johnson says he needs to add a man in HP? Is that true. And who is in charge of the moolah? Kindergardners in wp? how phony is this new tax anyhow? I'm a no!