Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Calaveras deputies suffer terribly???

   Let's see now!  According to the Calaveras County website, Calaveras deputy sheriff's have a terrible

    They are forced to work 4 day workweeks; are forced to take their car home with them; made to
take $2000 a year both to start and to stay in the county per year.

   The site goes on to say they are a commissioned employee empowered to continuously bear arms and perform a full range of peace officer duties delegated by the Sheriff.

   It also states that your BADGE is a symbol of public faith!  You will serve the public, safeguard life and property, protect the public and their constitutional rights!

   Of course, we all know, and we have witnessed that many officers, such as Crabtree, get promoted by NOT protecting the public, by being a DIRTY COP; especially to women.  We have the documentation of this.

    This Sheriff also is more interested in protecting dirty filthy racists, his most ardent supporters, such as Michael Preston, who was repeatedly reported to the Secret Service, the FBI and Homeland Security, we're told, for THREATENING President Obama in a Public Place.

    Story is that his racist activity was the cause of the failure of that restaurant!  Everywhere he goes, damage follows. 

  If a known dirty cop is reported for a crime, even violence and threats, he protects them to the end of the world. 

   The danger to all of us from this Sheriff's Office, is clear . Now he has promoted Macedo to Undersheriff, and Hewitt to Captain, so he has even less work to do himself.

   The real crimes are NEVER even investigated. Complaints are thrown in the trash, and these deputies have such a HARD LIFE!  Don't you fell sorry for them? 


Anonymous said...

To be fair, the $2k is a signing bonus, one time only, and the four day work week is 10-12 hour days, bu they routinely get called in on days off to work, and the vast majority of the deputies are good people, some are lazy, but not criminal, they are merely following orders, from the top!

Anonymous said...

We need a STAND YOUR GROUND law like the south so we can be armed to the teeth and shoot and kill every POS that comes on your property with the intent to harm or threaten since the cavalier sheriff dept doesn't give a damn about trespassers!

Anonymous said...

these deps have it made and still complain. if they were honorable, i might feel different, but haven't seen it.