Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Brian Foster, where are you???

   Since a person identifying themselves as Brian Foster  and email bfoster@protonmail.com has now faded into oblivion, we are left to wonder if he ever
really existed.

   He seemed to have MUCH personal information about Robin Wellmaker, (the person who claims to run a tree business and writes up reports for money in Calaveras County as a Professional Arborist for insurance companies); surprisingly MUCH information, that he had to be VERY CLOSE to Wellmaker, right? HMMMMMMMM!!!

   No one would commit that kind of fraud, would they, to pretend to be someone else online to help themselves because they were in trouble?  HMMMMMM!

   And what does Proper Pruning, the tree company who became extremely angry when we would not allow them onto our land, have to do with all this.   Is the owner of that company also in trouble now, as he was last year when he was arrested for alleged Evasion of Taxes by the Calaveras County District Attorney?

   And now Farmers Insurance is trying to defend all of these people, why???? Attempting to defraud people of property damage is also a crime, isn't it?

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