Saturday, May 25, 2019

Right wing extremists pray to their GOD for intervention of Equality Act!

   The U.S. House of Representatives just passed the Equality Act, adding
LGBTQ people to those who deserve equal rights under our Constitution.

   If you want to see just how crazy the right wing extremist churches, are, go to George and Terry Pearson's (she's Kenneth Copeland's daughter)  crazy video of her praying for their God to intervene in stopping this law!

   And some believe we should just try and communicate with these nut cases?  They are the same as the racists and anti-women's rights kooks we have in the White House right now!

   This video is being passed around by Right Wing Watch!  These people are in great need of mental health treatment.

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Al Segalla said...

It seems this bill could have been modified to avoid hurting people. Here are abbreviated comments from our Congressman: "This bill harms people in so many ways, destroying safe spaces for women, undermining women-owned businesses, intimidating the free exercise of conscience, but let me focus on just one aspect: destroying women’s sports. Wherever these laws are imposed, biological males have begun to dominate women’s competitions. Listen to 16-year old Selina Soule of Connecticut. She tells the story of qualifying for the prestigious Middletown Invite. “Eight of us lined up at the starting line … but when six of us were only about three quarters into the race, two girls were already across the finish line…What just happened? Two boys identifying as girls happened. Fair is no longer the norm. The chance to advance, the chance to win has been all over for us … I missed the chance to compete in the New England championship this past season because of this.” She goes on to say, “The CAAC won’t listen to my voice, but I hope Congress will…HR 5…will endanger women and girls of all ages, by opening up every sports team in the country to any male who self-identifies as female. This policy will take away our medals, records, scholarships and dreams.” We know this will happen because it already has. And we know it’s the intent of the bill because Congressman Steube offered an amendment that “Nothing in this act may be construed to require a biological female to face competition from a biological male in any sporting event.” The Democrats voted it down on a party-line vote. Sorry Selina. If you’re looking for fairness from this majority, you’ve come to the wrong place." Perhaps it is time to ask all our representatives to follow fundamental law which is, to keep your word and respect the rights of others. Yes?