Saturday, May 11, 2019

If you want to run for office......fear the racist scum!!

   Recently we spoke with a couple of people interested in running for political office, mainly because of their horror over the Trump disaster.

   Those who want to run need to remember that the times are now
different. Their families will be subject to terrorism to in word and deed by the Trump locos, the racist scum.

   If you are not tough enough or brave enough to speak out, we at the SierraSentinel know what you will be put through. Threats, both of fire and shooting, rape, harassment to the extreme of what they call Helter-Skelter, including dog poisoning.

   No one, not our Sheriff here locally or anywhere is locking these crazies up before they kill and maim innocent people.  So just be careful!  And make sure your family can take it! 

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