Saturday, May 4, 2019

Letter to the Editor: Gangster attorney Barr

  Dear Editor:

    I have tried to be patient, not writing letters or stirring up trouble with this Trump thing. But this guy Barr
has put me over my limit.

   Does everyone see that Barr is nothing more that Trumps gangster lawyer and not the Attorney General for the United States?

   And why does it look like he's going to get away with all this?  You know Trump is welcoming Putin to help him with the 2020 re-election. What if he gets another term?

   I think the man is a mobster as evil as he can be.  If he should get another term, I agree with those who feel we will lose our democracy.

  Anonymous please, and scared in Calaveras County


Anonymous said...

You expected something different?

Anonymous said...

He is smarter then the rest and will get away with all he does

Anonymous said...

I guess everyone is still reading/watching the fake news.