Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Sheriff does nothing about Hwy 4 CAMPERS???

   We've heard all kinds of complaints about a small motorhome being parked just off Hwy 4 in the middle of Arnold
to camp.

   People have reported the comings and goings of young people and a barbeque set up in the grass and pine needles.

   This has been reported to the Calaveras Sheriff, CalFire and apparently Ebbetts Pass Fire Department without any actions taken so far.  Why not?


Anonymous said...

Tell the sheriff you saw Mexicans or Asians camping there and he’ll do something about it.

Anonymous said...

Because he won’t get his picture in the paper like he does with cutting down pot plants.

Anonymous said...

So much for Mike Johnson and his 110k salary at Ebbetts past fire dept. Really earning your paycheck with an average of 3 medicals a days and NO house fires. Maybe you have time to go and talk to these people between your donut break with the Sherrif!