Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Calaveras CAO returns with patched eye

   Calaveras CAO Albert Alt has returned to work and is present at the Supervisors meeting this morning November 5, 2019.

    He has a patch over one eye due to his physical encounter at a bar recently.


Anonymous said...

Glad he is back to work and hope he heals up and quits drinking and fighting. What else would you expect from a Calaveras resident! Maybe he should take some lessons fro our local MMA champ so next time he will kick some butt

Anonymous said...

Maybe he should stop pursuing other people’s wives and girlfriends, especially after he is told to stop.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he should be sent done the road, like all the other losers, that the Bos has hired in the past and are now gone! I had to laugh, he got his clock cleaned.